An Anthology of Kinship: A cuisine tasting and story sharing event featuring Samantha Hill & J. Frank Santana


Hello Friends!

When Laura Shaeffer (Co-founder & director of SHoP) invited me to participate in the Towards a Union of Public Artist exhibition, she also asked me to create a social event related to my work.  I thought about it . . . and I really wanted to create a story sharing event at SHoP.  I was discussing this idea with Kinship Project story contributor J. Frank Santana and he wanted to participate in this event.

J.Frank said to me, “I was discussing with my mother the other day about comfort dishes that warm you up when the weather changes . . . It would be great to create a tasting of favorite family dishes!”

J. Frank started to describe a few wonderful dishes for the event and everything sounded so delicious!  So I said, “Lets do it!”

Please join chef J. Frank Santana and myself in an evening of story sharing and food tasting.   This event an opportunity for people to connect and share their favorite family stories in a friendly cultural community center.   Stories are the common thread which holds us together.  So, come, listen and if you feel inspired, share a story of your own!

Event Date:  November 4th, 2012 – 3pm to 5:30pm

Event Price: $7 online tickets, $10 at the door.

To purchase tickets to the event, go to

I hope to see you there!