If These Walls Could Talk

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If These Walls Could Talk, is a site-specific sound installation which is based on the story of Doug Williams, the former Artistic Director of the South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC) in the 1980’s.  Williams lived and worked in the basement during the 1970’s as Artist-in-Residence.  I broadcast Williams’ narrative over a local wireless radio transmission from his former home in the basement, which has been closed to the public since the late 1980’s.

I also excavated the basement of the SSCAC to “unearth” art equipment and tools, which were essential to the daily art-making practices of the members of the Center during the 1940’s.  This work was a commentary on the practices of this institution, which has neglected an essential part of its historical tradition as a host for African American artists.  In 2010, the Board of Directors supported Majeed’s ideas to reinstate new programing as well as renovations to the Art Center building.


If These Walls Could Talk: Basement Soundtrack  (9:18 minutes)

Narrative Theme:  Life as Artist In Residence at SSCAC

If These Walls Could Talk: 2nd Floor Soundtrack  (39:24 minutes)

Narratives Themes:  Education at SSCAC, Civil Rights Movement, Black Aesthetics Exhibition (Black Creativity)