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Kinship Project:  SAIC Conversations Video

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago documented my process during the creation of The Great Migration installation.  This video features Sherry Williams, founder of the Bronzeville Historical Society, and A Jeli’s Tale: An Anthology of Kinship installation at Southside Hub of Production in Chicago, IL.  Read the article, 21-Century Griot, by Carol Hood for additional information about The Great Migration project.  Click on image to view the video.


An Anthology of Kinship

An Anthology of Kinship is an experimental video which explores various aspects of African American family life through super8 home movies. Artist Samantha Hill constructed three vignettes from archival footage contained within the Chicago Film Archive’s Don McIlvaine collection to ponder ideas of leisure, celebration, and innocence contained within these films.

McColl Center for Visual Art Residency, Charlotte, NC

Video documentation of the 2013 Fall Artists-In-Residence.  Video features interviews with Dread Scott, J McDonald and Samantha Hill.

The Gift from Patric McCoy to Samantha Hill featuring Christophe Gilmore

The Gift from Patric McCoy to Samantha Hill (The Gift Project Chicago) is a Happening event inspired by a gift which Patric McCoy (an amateur photographer & art collector from Chicago, IL) gave me in 2010.  Patric’s gift is a conceptual self-portrait consisting of 1500 images of the Black male subject from 1980 to 1992.  I collaborated with Christophe Gilmore (musician & sound artist) to create a multimedia installation within Rockefeller Memorial Chapel at the University of Chicago.

Interview and Panel Discussion Videos from the Gift Project Chicago

Giving and Receiving the Gift

Documenting African Americans in the 80’s

The Gift Project Chicago Panel Discussion at the University of Chicago